AMICE Position papers & Press releases

AMICE Comments to the Discussion Paper on Methodological principles of insurance stress testing18.10.2019 EN  
AMICE Response on EIOPA’s Consultation on harmonisation of national insurance guarantee schemes18.10.2019 EN  
AMICE response to EIOPA consultation on cloud computing30.09.2019 EN  
AMICE response to EIOPA consultation on remuneration principles30.09.2019 EN  
AMICE & Insurance Europe Proposals for making proportionality work in Solvency II30.09.2019 EN  
AMICE comments to IASB on IFRS17 Exposure draft25.09.2019 EN  
AMICE & others Joint letter to EC on Regulation on Sustainability Disclosures19.09.2019 EN  
AMICE feedback on the Commission’s roadmap on European partnership for safe and automated road transport27.08.2019 EN  
AMICE response to the EIOPA consultation paper on a draft opinion on sustainability within Solvency II26.07.2019 EN  
AMICE Press release | AMICE Board elected05.06.2019   
AMICE Press release | Mutual insurers lead the German market28.05.2019 EN  
AMICE response to EIOPA Discussion paper on systemic risk and macroprudential policy in insurance30.04.2019 EN  
AMICE Press release | Estonia opens its market to mutual and cooperative insurance06.03.2019 EN  
AMICE Response to EIOPA's Call for Input on Reporting and Disclosure26.02.2019 EN  
AMICE Press release | AMICE highlights the impact of disparate and excessively burdensome regulation on the mutual and cooperative insurance workforce15.02.2019 EN  
AMICE feedback on the Commission’s Delegated Regulation relating to the implementation of C-ITS08.02.2019 EN  
AMICE response to EIOPA consultation on Technical Advice on the integration of sustainability risks and factors in the delegated acts under Solvency II and IDD30.01.2019 EN