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Insurers must address risk in all its guises in order to support their policyholders and assist in bringing them stability in this dynamic world. The multidimensional scope of risk is a challenge for all insurers, presenting a constantly changing environment. Evolutions in regulation, legislation, society, economics and risk profiles all need to be adapted into each insurer’s strategy so that policyholders benefit from the protection they require.

The AMICE Congress provides the opportunity for all European cooperative and mutual insurers to meet to share insights, ideas and experiences. It is also a unique occasion to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders, so the event is open to non-members as well as the AMICE membership. Representatives from EU institutions, financial services associations, civil society groups, insurance companies and brokers, academics and many others with an interest in the European insurance sector are welcome to join us.

AMICE Congress: The Art of Transformation  

Faced with continued uncertainty due to the ongoing pandemic, it will not be appropriate for us to meet in Bilbao for the AMICE Congress as originally planned. We are therefore proud to announce that we are moving the current edition of the AMICE Congress to a fully virtual format, and it will now take place online on Wednesday 02 June 2021. We will be announcing more details on the online event in the coming weeks.

Past Congresses


June 2018 | 6th AMICE Congress -  "Mutual Connections" |  Stockholm, Sweden

Hosts: Folksam & Länsförsäkringar

Speakers' presentations & programme  Photos Videos


June 2016 | 5th AMICE Congress -  "#MutualValues: securing the future" |  Ghent, Belgium

Host: UUAM, the Union of Mutual Insurers in Belgium (Union des Associations d'Assurances Mutuelles)

Speakers' presentations & Congress Newsletters   Final programme Photos Videos


June 2014 | 4th AMICE Congress -  "Business - the mutual way" |  Nice, France

Host: French AMICE members GEMA, ROAM and FNMF

Programme, presentations of speakers and Congress Newsletters

 June 2012 | 3rd AMICE Congress | Gdansk, Poland

Programme, presentations of speakers and Newsletters.                                    






May 2010 | 2nd AMICE Congress | Genoa, Italy

Programme, presentations of speakers and Newsletters.



June 2008 | 1st AMICE Congress | Helsinki, Finland.

Programme, presentations of speakers et Newsletters.




Octobre 2006 | ACME and AISAM* a joint Congress | Bruges, Belgium

* AMICE’s predecessor associations






















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