AMICE is the voice of the mutual and cooperative insurance sector in Europe

AMICE, the Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe, was created in January 2008 through the merger of the two previously existing associations of mutual and cooperative insurers in Europe, AISAM and ACME, to represent the interests of the sector with one united voice.

Its prime purpose is to ensure that the voice of the mutual and cooperative insurance sector in Europe is heard and that the interests of its members are taken into account in securing a level playing field for all insurers in Europe regardless of their legal form.

AMICE provides a platform for mutual and cooperative insurers of all sizes to combine resources and expertise, exchange experiences across national borders and discuss key issues and concerns relating to planned legislative and regulatory changes and developments. 

In Europe, the close to 2,800 insurers united in the mutual and cooperative sector account for more than half of all insurance undertakings and for a market share of almost 30%. They provide cover for more than 200 million customers and employ more than 400,000 staff within the European Union. With more than 100 direct members and representing about 700 more insurers indirectly, AMICE speaks for a significant part of the insurance sector.

A short history....

The origins of interest representation for the cooperative insurance sector can be traced back to the 1920’s but AMICE’s predecessor associations were founded in 1964 (AISAM) and 1978 (ACME) respectively.

AISAM, the International Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (Association internationale des sociétés d’assurance mutuelle) represented only mutual insurance companies with a worldwide membership reaching from Japan to Africa or South America. Over time, however, the association’s interests became more and more focused on Europe.

ACME, the Association of European Cooperative and Mutual Insurers (Association des Assureurs Coopératifs et Mutualistes Européens) was set up by ICMIF, the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurers Federation, as its European arm and represented the interests of mutual and cooperative insurers in Europe. 


As the interests of the two associations converged, their members began to call for a unified and single voice to represent their interests in Europe: thus AMICE was born in 2008 as the sole, independent representative organisation for mutual and cooperative insurers in Europe.


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