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To succeed in a competitive global and national marketplace, insurance companies must address regulatory, legislative, and international standard issues that are likely to affect their business capacities. AMICE’s biennial congress provides the opportunity for all European cooperative and mutual insurers and their EU policy-makers to meet for a two-day event of learning, experience exchanges, and social gatherings.

Beyond being a gathering of AMICE members, the aim of the biennial Congress is to draw attention
to the sector and participation is therefore open to non-members. Representatives of the EU institutions, other trade associations, civil society groups, other financial institutions, etc. are
frequent attendees.

AMICE biennal Congress 2016  #MutualValues: securing the future

AMICE's biennial congress is the place to meet! The fifth one will take place in Ghent, Belgium in June 2016. It will be hosted by UAAM, the Union of Mutual Insurers in Belgium (Union des Associations d'Assurances Mutuelles).



Past Congresses

4 to 6 June 2014 | 4th AMICE Congress -  "Business - the mutual way" |  Nice, France.

Hosted by the three French AMICE members GEMA, ROAM and FNMF. You can download the Congress brochure, speakers' presentations and photos from the dedicated website.

You will also find news about the Nice Congress in the three newsletters that were published during and just after the event. Newsletter Newsletter 1 | Newsletter 2 | Newsletter 3 

 June 2012 | 3rd AMICE Congress | Gdansk, Poland

Programme, presentations of speakers and Newsletters.                                    






May 2010 | 2nd AMICE Congress | Genoa, Italy

Programme, presentations of speakers and Newsletters.



June 2008 | 1st AMICE Congress | Helsinki, Finland.

Programme, presentations of speakers et Newsletters.




Octobre 2006 | ACME and AISAM* a joint Congress | Bruges, Belgium

* AMICE’s predecessor associations



















AMICE Congress 2014




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